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Offenham CE First School - a happy, ambitious place for pupils to learn

Offenham CE First School – Ofsted: January 2020 GOOD

Inspectors felt this was a happy, ambitious place for pupils to learn. One pupil explained, ‘We take behaviour seriously at this school’. The inspectors agreed. The report praised the academy’s approach to reading, ‘Leaders have made reading a priority. Pupils read every day. Parents are shown how to support their children with early reading and almost all do. Staff encourage pupils to read different books. Regular storytime helps capture pupils’ imagination and promotes a love for reading. Pupils who fall behind are given extra time to read to an adult in school. Pupils read books that match the sounds they learn in lessons.’

The report also highlighted the fact that the academy had designed an exciting curriculum, despite the challenges of mixed age teaching. ‘Pupils enjoy the range of extra-curricular opportunities offered. The ‘Eisteddfod’ festival allows pupils to demonstrate their creative skills, such as in poetry, music and baking. The annual visit to the Houses of Parliament for older pupils is particularly memorable and purposeful. Post-visit, pupils are voted into positions such as ‘Prime Minister’ and other ministerial roles. This provides a real purpose to their learning about democracy, and helps to develop pupils’ leadership skills and contributes to their personal development.’