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I joined the DOWMAT in January 2018; having gained my very first Headship, and being completely new to Worcestershire.  The support I was given, right from the start, made all the difference to my journey into Headship.  I was offered a mentor, who was (and still is) a great source of knowledge.  They also offered me "New to Headteacher" training via the Diocese and an ALP (Academy Learning Partner) also came out to visit me regularly and to ensure we were 'on track.'  However, the biggest selling point to the DOWMAT are the supportive, friendly and welcoming other Headteachers that are part of the MAT.  Every Headteacher is easy to talk to and I feel I can go to ask them anything (no matter how small).  They are a truly fabulous group of people, who are kind, caring, considerate and very knowledgeable in their field.  The DOWMAT enable you to meet new people who want to help you; that has been invaluable to me.

Martina Abbott, Headteacher Crowle CE First School


One of the key strengths of working in a DoWMAT school, is the opportunity for all staff to collaborate though sharing best practice at all levels; whether it be curriculum-based, leadership support or at an operational level.

Working in a small rural setting, this has been instrumental in driving our school improvement and it is reassuring to be part of a professional learning community that values each school’s distinctiveness.

Lucy Cox, Head of School Martley CE Primary School


As the headteacher of a school, it is fantastic to have the support of the DoWMAT family and especially so during very exceptional times. The Central Team and Headteacher colleagues are always there for one another to offer advice, wisdom, and sometimes just a listening ear. Having that network makes the challenges we face so much more achievable.

Helen Brambani, Headteacher The Littletons CE First School


Malvern Parish was one of the first schools to join DOWMAT in April 2017.  We have benefitted from the opportunity to collaborate with schools across Worcestershire in addition to our colleagues in Malvern.  We have received regular visits from our Academy Learning Partner which together with excellent CPD has helped us to continue to improve outcomes for our children.  Support from the central team and other colleagues has also been much appreciated, particularly during difficult times when it is good to know you are not alone.  As a school, we are proud to be part of DOWMAT and look forward to seeing it continue to grow and flourish in the future.

Sue Parker, Headteacher Malvern Parish CE Primary School


Castlemorton CE Primary School joined DOWMAT in July 2018. Since joining, we have seen the positive benefits of working collaboratively with others. The opportunities for networking are increasing and there is a great sense of pride as we grow and learn together. We are lucky to be part of such a wonderful team of people who are passionate about doing their best so that everyone can thrive and flourish. 

Janet Adsett, Headteacher Castlemorton CE Primary School