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Everyone back to school on Monday 8th March - and all of a sudden there has been a noticeable shift in mood, as is eloquently expressed in these poems written by children from Madresfield CE Primary School.



Hope is a stream never running out,

Hope is my heart always beating,

Hope is the sun coming up,

Hope is never retreating.


Hope is a smile.

Hope never runs out,

Hope fills in the gaps,

Hope is never to doubt.


Hope gets me through the tough times,

Hope holds my hand,

Hope gives me help when I need it.

Like footprints in the sand.


By Ellie 



I hope we can see each other soon.

I hope I can play with my cousin.

I hope I can hug Granny.

I hope school isn't too hard.

I hope all the people in hospital will get better.

I hope lockdown will end soon.

I hope we can all get the vaccine.

I hope Coronavirus stops.


By Bertie



Hope is one of the greatest things you can achieve.

Over the world hope takes place all of the time.

People hope for something that they really want to have.

Everybody should hope.


By Charlotte