Joining DoWMAT

The Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DoWMAT) serves schools within the Diocese of Worcester - which encompasses the Local Authorities of Worcester and Dudley. For those schools who wish to become an academy, DoWMAT offers an environment where they will be supported and challenged within a Christian context.

Expressions of Interest in joining DoWMAT

By the start of the next academic year, we expect to have 16 schools within the DoWMAT; making it one of the largest MATs in Worcestershire. It is also a relatively young MAT and, I am sure you can appreciate some of the work that is needed to ensure that it is a successful Trust.

A time of consolidation is necessary before it is able to grow very much larger and, consequently, the DoWMAT is unlikely to be able to invite new Expressions of Interest this academic year. Situations such as these are fluid, however, and as and when circumstances change, the MAT Board will make decisions accordingly.

We would recommend that Governing Bodies who are interested in their school joining DoWMAT over the next few years, contact either Margaret James , DDE, or Claire Davies, DoWMAT CEO.  

We will keep you informed of any other information that may be relevant, as it applies.