CPD / Professional Development

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Sustainable Church Leadership

This package has been designed to empower our headteachers and senior leaders with the means to secure effective teaching, learning and self-evaluation. Securing pedagogical leadership at all levels is a key challenge for many schools and this course will provide the opportunity to further develop the skills and understanding to do this.

This programme consists of three separate days with practical gap tasks in between. Each day is a balance of practical activities while developing and sharing knowledge of effective teaching, learning and planning for development and accurate self evaluation.

Tuesday 9th October   Day 1 — ‘Improving Teaching’
 • Undertaking live lesson observation, evaluation and analysis of what constitutes good enough teaching
• Analysing effective pitch, match and pace within lessons 
• Identifying lesson elements to rapidly develop the quality of teaching 
Gap Task 1— Repeat in school - lesson observations and analysis and in a partner Church school

Wednesday 7th November    Day 2 — ‘Improving Learning’
• Focusing on learning over time, including book scrutiny, tracking progress, school protocols and approaches to monitoring
• Feedback from Gap Task 1 
Gap Task 2 — Repeat in school - book scrutiny and in a partner Church school

Monday 26th November  Day 3 — ‘Improving School Development and Self Evaluation’
• Feedback from Gap Task 2
• Identifying teaching and learning strengths and areas for development 
• Distinguishing between what must be done / could be done — prioritising areas for development
• Triangulation between self-evaluation, robust monitoring and cohesive development planning