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DBE Support for Church Schools

All Church academies within DoWMAT also benefit from a range of services provided by the Diocesan Education Team for schools and academies within the Diocese of Worcester. These include the following:


  • Regular regional governor and Headteacher meetings
  • Places at governor specific training events listed in the Diocesan training programme
  • Administration and support with foundation governor appointments
  • A Diocesan partnership meeting - an annual meeting with a member of the Diocesan Education Team to discuss aspects of the school’s deeply Christian character, as defined by the SIAMS Evaluation Schedule
  • Administration of SIAMS support and telephone or email advice pre and post inspection
  • Attendance at Ofsted feedback by the DDE or her representative
  • Access to and information on education resources via electronic mailings and the Diocesan website
  • Regular information from the Diocesan Education Team
  • Basic telephone and email advice and support as required
  • Pastoral support, including in times of crisis
  • Invitations to all training opportunities and events (N.B. costs to attend will be higher for schools which do not belong to the SLA scheme)
  • Attendance and support through Headteacher appointment processes (interviews and preparation meetings) and an initial visit to a newly appointed Headteacher
  • Attendance at a training course at the Old Palace for newly appointed Headteachers
  • Advice on legal issues related to church school property, site ownership and trust deeds
  • Support with school buildings issues
  • School organisation advice and support (academies, collaborations etc)
  • Advice, training and resources (e.g. prayer days, BREATHE) from the Worcester Diocese Youth Officer and Children’s Officer
  • Chaplaincy advice and development with local clergy links from the Worcester Diocese Youth Officer
  • Monthly ’drop-in’ term time surgeries, where members of the Diocesan Education Team available to meet face to face or via telephone for all senior leaders, teaching staff and governors
  • Access to all training courses set out in the Training Events Programme for an unlimited
  • Number of members of the academy staff and/or Local Academy Board
  • Attendance by up to two school leaders at the annual Diocesan Headteacher and School Leader 
  • Conference
  • In addition, schools are entitled to 15 hours of support, offered in a variety of categories, as detailed in the Diocesan Board of Education Service Level Agreement (updated annually)


These services will be delivered, as they are now, by the Diocesan Education Team.

DoWMAT academies may indicate how they wish to make use of their 15 hours of support by contacting the Diocese of Worcester Education Team.