DoWMAT Strategic Objectives:

In order to fulfil the aims of DoWMAT, all schools wishing to join the trust will:

• Fully understand, support and live out the vision and values of the trust
• Be rigorously assessed against agreed criteria to ensure that they are operationally sound and viable in terms of budget, staffing, pupil numbers, premises, standards and leadership. Schools which are unable to set a balanced, surplus budget will not be able to join until this is possible. Academies within the trust must maintain a surplus budget at all times.
• Aspire to be the very best that they can be so that pupils achieve well and make good progress, whatever their starting points
• Benefit from regular, high quality school improvement which will support and challenge. Successes will be celebrated and challenges faced together with hope, wisdom, dignity and an understanding of academies as communities.
• Be a community of learning across the trust so that all stakeholders are able to learn from one another
• If in an OFSTED category, have clear action plans in place to ensure that progress towards expected standards is rapid and that outcomes for pupils are good
• Work together locally, across the trust and in partnerships beyond the trust to deliver high quality outcomes for pupils