DoWMAT Governance 

Diocesan Board of Education

The Diocesan Board of Education, directs and oversees the work of the Diocesan Department for Education team.

The aims of the Diocesan Board of Education are to;
• Support, promote and oversee the work of those working with children and young people
• Enable children and young people to develop spiritually
• Enable the participation of children and young people in the mission and growth of the Church
• Enable the faith development of children and young people within the Church
• Strengthen links between parishes and educational establishments
• Support those engaged in education in their vision and their delivery of R.E., Worship, and Spiritual, Social, Cultural and Moral Development
• Support the leadership and management of Church Schools
• Promote partnership within the diocese, including other Boards, and to serve those who are not yet the Church's members
• Work in partnership with other relevant agencies

  1. Brian Allbut
  2. The Venerable Robert Jones
  3. Bishop Graham
  4. Michael Hunter
  5. Bob Green
  6. Barry Newton
  7. Steve Lockwood
  8. Rev. Alex French
  9. Joan Reading
  10. Val Hawley
  11. Jenny Batelen
  12. Simon Stubbs


Worcester Diocesan Academies Trust (WDAT)

WDAT is a charitable company set up by the Diocesan Board of Education (DBE) in 2011 in response to the challenge of Church of England schools converting to academies, to help support them and to appoint academy members and trustees in order to hold governing bodies to account.

The principal activities of the company are those of performing a role in the Diocese of Worcester in helping Church of England Academy Trusts to fulfil their sole responsibility for the standard of education provided at the academies operated by them, supporting school improvements and the promotion of the Church character of the schools.

WDAT set up DoWMAT to support the DBEs vision for those schools wishing to become an academy in a Church-led Multi Academy Trust.

WDAT Members
1. Sir Roger Fry
2. Bishop Graham, Bishop of Dudley
3. Brian Allbut


The WDAT Board (Directors)

1. Brian Allbut
2. Vanessa Godfrey
3. Derek Valentine
4. Dean Hall
5. Michelle Humphries
6. Hilary Pritchard
7. Stephen Penn
8. Vacancy 

Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DoWMAT)

The Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DOWMAT) has been set up by the Diocese of Worcester to enable church schools and non-church schools to be fully supported as they become academies.  The DOWMAT will create and sustain a family of academies which provide children of all faiths and none with excellent educational provision within a distinctively caring and supportive Christian ethos.

• The DOWMAT will work with academies so that they are able to realise the benefits of a collaborative approach to sustaining and developing excellent educational provision.
• The vision is to build a community of learning where staff and pupils can realise their potential and enjoy life in all its fullness.  The DOWMAT will support leaders at all levels so that they have the capability and drive to effectively manage change, in an ever shifting educational landscape.
• The DOWMAT will adopt a collegiate approach to developing communities of excellence, working in partnership with schools and our educational partners to design flexible models of working which fully utilise the expertise which exists within local schools.
• The DOWMAT will build on the current effective practice within the Diocese of Worcester, where 93% of all church schools are good or outstanding, so that clusters of schools can grow together.
• The DOWMAT will provide half termly school improvement to ensure that standards within the DOWMAT are of the highest calibre and that expectations in all our school are clearly articulated and understood by all stakeholders.

DoWMAT Members
2. Sir Roger Fry
3. Bishop Graham, Bishop of Dudley
4. Hugh Richards (Chair of the Directors / Trustees)
5. Vacancy 

The DoWMAT Board (Directors)
1. Hugh Richards (Chair)
2. Phil Mitchell (Vice Chair)
3. Margaret James
4. Claire Davies (CEO)
5. Alan Soper                                                                                                                                                                             6. Rev. Ruth Walker

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Executive responsibility for the day to day management of DOWMAT will lie with the CEO, who will report formally to the board on a monthly basis.


Executive Leadership Team

Made up of the Trust CEO and each academy Headteacher and Executive Headteachers.


Local Governing Bodies

Each academy within the Worcester Diocese Academy Trust (DoWMAT) retains its own Local Governing Body.