Joining DoWMAT

The Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DoWMAT)  serves schools within the Diocese of Worcester - which encompasses the Local Authorities of Worcester and Dudley. For those schools who wish to become an academy, DoWMAT offers an environment where they will be supported and challenged within a Christian context.

The DoWMAT Board are currently looking to implement a protocol for enabling schools wishing to join DoWMAT to submit an expression of interest. This is to ensure growth continues to be managed strategically and wisely.

• There will be one window annually during which schools may submit an expression of interest; the window will open during the summer term and will close on 30th September each year

• In October, annually, the DoWMAT Board will consider all expressions of interest and will make a decision, based on need, about which schools it will be able to convert by September of the following year

• The Board’s decisions will be communicated to schools following its October meeting (exact dates to be confirmed nearer the time)

• If a school submits an expression of interest and the DoWMAT is unable to take it on in one particular academic year, the reasons will be explained and an invitation to resubmit an expression of interest the following year will be made

• The growth of Trusts is overseen and authorised by the Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) and she needs to be convinced of the DoWMAT’s capacity before she will authorise the conversion of any schools into it

• If schools have any enquiries regarding DoWMAT, please contact Claire Davies, CEO. Claire and Russell Dalton, (the Trust Chief Operating Officer), are happy to visit schools to meet and talk with Senior Leaders / Governing Bodies who are interested in finding out more about DoWMAT and what we can offer.

• For general enquiries regarding the different options available for schools wishing to consider academisation, please contact Margaret James, DDE


To register an interest to join our DoWMAT academies, please complete and submit the form below to;

Register of Interest Form to join DoWMAT